ACDelco Art of the Part

Category: social
My Role: Graphic design, animation

FOR ACDelco, the official parts brand of general motors alongside GM Genuine parts, my writer and I were tasked with coming up with some more engaging social concepts for the brand. we tried to create experiences that captured more of an interactive gamified experience of IG stories than typical photography. I also worked on “Art of the part” a series where several teams play with different style to make the parts come alive.


Instagram Stories

Parts Personalities


If you’re a Taurus, it’s super easy to learn more about what makes you tick. But what if you feel more like a brake rotor? Well, here you go.

Line Em Up


Played Super Mario 3 as a kid? Well, my partner and I did. And it introduced us to the concept of the slot machine. Now have some fun and see if you can put together an oil filter.

Name That Part


As a kid we were engrossed with the Name That Pokemon! challenge on TV. Hey if it sold Pokemon cards, I’m sure it can sell spark plugs. Right?

March Madness


Launching in the heat of the hottest part of the NCAA basketball season, we brought up one of the most controversial subjects among motor heads: what’s the ULTIMATE classic?

Which Came First?


Clock It In