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My Role: Concept to Consumer intern for adidas skateboarding & Snowboarding

For summer 2017 I was part of the inner workings of one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite brands.



For summer 2017 I was the Global CTC Intern for adidas Action Sports. I assisted the global concept to consumer team on projects related to global product/comms strategy and concept execution surrounding adidas Skateboarding and adidas Snowboarding. While much of what I did this summer is protected by my NDA, you can find some examples of what I worked on this summer, stripped of proprietary content of course.




I worked alongside interns from several departments and roles throughout adidas including Football, Baseball, Futures, Brand Design, and Finance. Together we assembled a comprehensive analysis of a trade zone in New York and recommendations for activation as part of an all intern competition. 15 teams worked on various trade zones in New York and Los Angeles. We were the number 1 team for the city of New York and we placed 2nd overall. Aside from research and presentation, I designed the visuals for the presentation itself. Below you can find some examples of content. The actual information has been altered as to not reveal any proprietary content.


I developed the application mock-up below as support for an idea that didn't make it to the final presentation, but is an example of the types of solutions we were exploring.


Sample 2: Presentation Design


I partnered with another intern to help her complete a key presentation by designing the visual language of the presentation and assisting in content organization and editing. As mentioned before, the content that follows is stripped of proprietary content and the information has been changed to protect adidas property.



A map of some of our retail doors in Paris made for an internal presentation using Illustrator with some help from


If you'd like more information on my time at adidas as an intern, feel free to contact me directly for a more in depth discussion of these projects as well as those that I'm unable to share in a public forum.