Category: Advertising
My Role: Art Director, Associate Creative Director

There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion. Each term at FIR NW we took on the role of self-promotors, reaching out to new students who might be interested in a career in advertising with some hands on experience.

Better Together



To promote the agency we wanted to create a campaign that would resonate with specific groups of students. We all love that feeling of seeing an ad, movie, or song that feels like it’s talking directly to us. It makes us feel special and heard. With that in mind, we wanted to create a campaign to increase student enrollment in the ad agency by talking to 9 specific audiences. We wanted about 10% of students to enthusiastically love each poster with the remaining 90% standing around asking their friends what the poster was about. And that’s exactly what happened. We had students taking pictures of the posters, talking about them in the halls, and sharing them with their friends. Do to some disagreements with the administration on some of our creative decisions, we were forced to pull the campaign down within 24 hours, but that didn’t stop it from increasing enrollment and student interest in FIR NW.

The Daily Pinecone



For my final term at FIR NW, we wanted to go in a completely new direction for our self-promotion campaign, so we went with an onion-inspired newspaper called The Daily Pinecone, a name based off of our agency logo. We often encountered students who knew little about the different disciplines of advertising but still had hopes of being part of a great campaign someday; they just didn’t know where they fit. We wrote articles for each discipline, horoscopes, and a bunch of ads for fake things. Really we just wanted to have some fun, invite new people to join our team, and show the student body just what kinds of people were studying advertising at Portland State. I was responsible for some of the ads and art, but the full paper is also included below because I’m real proud of my peer’s work on this one. I oversaw the project as the ACD of Art Direction and as such also assisted in developing the content.

DailyPinecone_newspaper_r6 copy3.jpg
DailyPinecone_newspaper_r6 copy2.jpg
DailyPinecone_newspaper_r6 copy4.jpg

I’m responsible for writing/designing the RBG ad, Volcano Time ad, Hope, Love & Despair art, Art Director Declares… art, and Copywriter Fired… art.