Is it just me?

A little something for the junior creatives working in advertising.

MY ROLE: Copywriter / General Creative

My partner for the project, Maddie Archambault, and I decided to make a satirical survival guide for junior creatives in the advertising business as a response to a young shits brief. It’s an effort to make light of some of the rougher realities of the industry, and hopefully makes some other hopeful creatives feel a little better about their first jobs. As it was maddie’s original vision, I put my Art director skills on the back burner and put on my copywriter hat for this one.


is it just me?

Advertising is weird. How the industry talks about itself and how ad professors in college talk about it just didn’t line up with our real experiences in the business. We thought we’d be pitching highly conceptual, innovative solutions to business problems. Instead we’ve found ourselves spending an awfully large amount of time working on banner ads, newsletters, and trivial website updates, and our peers have found the same.

So we created a book for people like us, to help stave off the disillusionment that can come with your first job in advertising. Hence the theme: a satirical survival guide for anyone taking a trip to, or thinking about moving to, this strange place called Adland. It’s a book meant to encourage, give comfort, and most of all to make light of some of the most frustrating parts of working in this business.

We hope it brings you some joy