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Leo Burnett Detroit Website

Creating a new website for Leo Burnett Detroit.

MY ROLE: Designer, Developer, editor

Another designer at Leo Burnett Detroit and I worked to take our agency from a tumblr site to an agency quality responsive website to represent what we do. I created the layout, design aesthetic, edited the homepage masthead (desktop only), and implemented the JS code for a few of the transitions. We built the site using webflow.


Leo burnett Detroit Website

Designing a website for your whole agency is a challenge, especially as a junior art director new to the team. Developing a style that could make it past the top brass and a series of creative directors was a great challenge and a lot of fun in the end. We ultimately went with Webflow due to the simplicity and customizable nature of the content management system, and the ease of code implementation. For the home page, individual work pages, and the Leo Burnett quote generator, I had to write some custom Java Script for some basic enhanced functionality. Illustrated mastheads were done by myself and Maddie Archambault, Andrew Guisgand helped me put it all together, and Frank Viglione was responsible for most of the copy.