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Thanks for taking some time to scroll through my work! I'm a senior art director based in New York working for Big Spaceship. In my career I've touched just about every kind of client; finance, tech, grocery, fitness, consumer packaged goods, automotive, ecommerce and even some live events. Whenever I see something that piques my curiosity I'm pretty quick to dive in. Hence how I ended up being an art director with some animation, editing, and front-end development chops. I also dip my toes into some 3D from time to time.

You can find me in metal mosh pits, dancing to tech house in Brooklyn clubs, lifting heavy things in the gym, building an X-wing in Tears of the Kingdom, or slinging spells playing Magic: The Gathering. Thanks to a lot of time on the subway I'm also that guy who's read the manga and has to resist spoiling anime plot points. I swear to god, you've got no idea how good Chainsaw Man gets.